Elevate your nursing home or skilled nursing facility’s renal care capabilities with our expert, affordable, compassionate on-site dialysis solutions.

Innovative Renal Care offers unmatched convenience and tailored dialysis solutions for nursing homes, helping you meet the unique needs of your facility and patients.

Why Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities Choose Us

Strengthen your local care network with hospitals, patients, and providers by offering on-site dialysis. Increase your resident satisfaction with on-site dialysis services from Innovative Renal Care. We deliver the same safe, high-quality therapy at your residence, eliminating the need to coordinate travel.

Transporting patients to off-site facilities for dialysis three times a week can be challenging and increases the risk of fall-related injuries and illness. Moreover, your residents may not tolerate the abrupt hemodynamic changes often associated with conventional hemodialysis treatments.

Our on-site dialysis for skilled nursing facilities provides highly personalized treatment options to optimize the health and well-being of everyone you serve. We also tailor our dialysis solutions to meet your facility’s specific needs.

  • Optimal patient-to-staff ratios
  • Flexible treatment options
  • Customizable care protocols
  • Transparent billing
  • Aligned quality metrics
  • Integrated EMR
  • Continuous improvement based on feedback from our partners, patients, and clients

Benefits of On-Site Dialysis for Nursing Homes

We understand the unique needs of your skilled nursing facility and are ready to help make regular dialysis appointments safe, efficient, and as easy as possible for your medical teams and your patients.

Patients receiving dialysis treatments on-site at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility experience 15% fewer hospital readmissions than those who travel off-site. Additional benefits include:

  • Convenience: Save time and effort with easy to implement policies, procedures, and dialysis solutions for nursing homes.
  • Continuity of care: Ensure seamless care transitions and personalized treatments.
  • Timely access to treatment: Receive prompt treatments without delay with reliable access to equipment and supplies.
  • Enhanced monitoring and support: Get high-quality support and monitoring from trained professionals.
  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM): Track and monitor patient weight, blood pressure, and ultrafiltration to improve volume control and proactively schedule more timely interventions to minimize issues.
  • Community health and education: Empower residents and their families to make informed decisions about their kidney health with comprehensive information on chronic kidney disease (CKD) and its management through modality education and support programs.
  • Revenue: Accurate invoicing that reflects services provided.

Helping You Reimagine Kidney Care

Join us in helping patients travel through the care continuum by driving care coordination across all your specialties to provide better patient tracking, while lowering hospital readmissions and improving patient outcomes.

When patients have shorter, but more frequent dialysis sessions, they experience vastly improved outcomes in:

  • Increasing fluid removal.
  • Improving recovery times.
  • Managing anemia.
  • Reducing blood pressure (and medications).
  • Reducing stress on the heart.
  • Enhancing sleep quality.
  • Improving health-related quality of life.

Residents are also welcome to visit our dialysis center locations for treatments. The experienced teams at Innovative Renal Care are ready to help with fast and easy transfers and easy access to our entire care team.

Enhance Resident Dialysis Care With Innovative Renal Care

Join thousands of nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities benefitting from on-site hemodialysis services. Give your residents the care they need in a familiar, quiet, and comfortable place.

You’ll also benefit from reduced transportation costs, fewer hospitalizations, improved efficiencies, and other positive returns on your investment.

Contact us today to discover how our on-site dialysis solutions for nursing homes can elevate patient outcomes and streamline your operations.