Quality Care

We provide patient care in accordance with regulatory requirements in a safe, clean setting. Only high quality, medically necessary care is provided.

Medicare Conditions of Coverage

We are responsible for ensuring our dialysis facilities meet Medicare Conditions of Coverage for ESRD facilities. This is accomplished by developing and implementing policies and procedures, by monitoring and auditing facility performance, and by continual diligent management of each facility.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We ensure our patients are informed of their rights and responsibilities as required by Medicare and certain other laws and rules.

Confidentiality of Patient Information

We are obligated under the federal law known as HIPAA and related state privacy laws to safeguard the security of electronic patient information and safeguard the confidentiality of all patient information (“PHI”) in any form. We strive to safeguard patient information and prevent breaches.

Relationships with Patients

While close relationships often form between patients and their healthcare providers, we avoid outside personal or business arrangements with patients. We avoid creating a situation in which you, our patients, think your care may depend in any way on whether you have a personal relationship with a provider or staff member, or whether you purchase services or products from a provider or staff member.

Prohibition on Improper Inducements

ARA attracts patients based on the high quality of care we provide, our convenient locations and welcoming environments. ARA does not attract patients by routinely waiving copays and deductibles, or by providing or promising benefits, payments, gifts or other things of value. For patients who have a financial hardship, we have a program to provide financial assistance as permitted under applicable law.