At Innovative Renal Care, we are deeply committed to delivering highly personalized dialysis care. But our dedication to your well-being extends beyond your physical healthcare needs. We are also passionate about your emotional and social well-being.

We hand-select and personally train each staff member to ensure you receive the highest level of comprehensive and personalized care.

Here’s a closer look at each team member and their involvement in your dialysis care.

Nurse reassuring female patient

Patient Care Technician

A skilled and certified dialysis patient care technician is important to your care team. You will likely interact with this role most during your in-center dialysis treatments. They will assist in monitoring and managing your dialysis treatment under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). These medical specialists are trained in operating dialysis machines and performing essential duties such as

  • Ensuring all dialysis equipment is safe and secure.
  • Ensuring treatments are administered as prescribed by your nephrologist.
  • Regularly monitoring your vital signs and equipment throughout treatment ensures your utmost safety and comfort.

Dialysis Nurse

Other essential dialysis care team members are our dialysis nurses. Each facility has at least one registered nurse (RN) on staff. Depending on state guidelines, some facilities have licensed practical nurses (LPN) and/or licensed vocational nurses (LVN).

The dialysis nurses are your partners in providing exceptional dialysis care and oversee every aspect of your treatment.

  • Verifying the dialyzer (dialysis filter) and all other equipment are sterilized, safe, secure, and working correctly.
  • Checking your vital signs (e.g., blood pressure, temperature, etc.) and assessing your health several times throughout each treatment.
  • Cleaning your access site to avoid infection.
  • Administering treatment with precision and care.
  • Adjusting patient fluid removal rates as needed.
  • Ensuring medications are delivered safely and accurately as prescribed by your nephrologist.
  • Providing valuable patient education and answering any questions.

They also work closely with your nephrologist and other care team members to help you develop a comprehensive care plan centered around your needs.

Renal Dietitian

Our dedicated renal dietitians have specialized training in addressing the unique nutritional needs of those with ESRD and other kidney issues. They help you understand the link between what you eat and how you feel.

To maintain optimal health between sessions, it’s important to eat properly. As part of our dialysis care team, our renal dietitians provide nutritional guidance tailored to your unique medical needs and help you make informed dietary choices that positively affect your and overall well-being.

They also closely monitor your fluid levels and weight. This helps determine how well the dialysis treatments work for you and ensures your body is in the best possible condition between sessions.

Nephrology Social Worker

Learning to live and cope with kidney failure can impact your quality of life. At Innovative Renal Care, our nephrology social workers are a pivotal part of your dialysis care team because they teach you and your loved ones how to adjust to the changes that come with dialysis.

They help you adapt to your new lifestyle and cope with the emotional toll of having kidney disease. Dialysis social workers provide support for essential tasks like

  • Providing valuable patient education about kidney disease, dialysis, and information about treatment options, including transplant.
  • Explaining the grief process you may experience in the dialysis setting and offer guidance to help navigate the process.
  • Assisting you in adapting to treatment plans and dietary changes essential for your health.
  • Helping you find community resources for transportation, home health services (if needed), nutrition, and more.
  • Advising you on maintaining or obtaining health insurance to ensure seamless access to care.
  • Assisting with the application process for financial aid to avoid hardship.
  • Encouraging you to resume work, your favorite activities, and hobbies.
  • Ensuring you understand your patient’s rights, responsibilities, code of conduct, and grievance procedures within the healthcare setting.

Clinic Manager

At each Innovative Renal Care dialysis center, you will find at least one clinic manager – a registered nurse with a pivotal role responsible for

  • Overseeing, supervising, and managing all dialysis staff to maintain the highest standard of care.
  • Managing all daily clinic operations of the clinic such as processes, procedures, financials, staffing, training, and more.
  • Monitoring outcomes ensures that care is being delivered in a way that promotes optimal health outcomes for all patients in the center.
  • Serving as the point person for patient concerns about overall care


We prioritize your comfort, safety, and well-being by ensuring each of our 200+ dialysis clinics has a board-certified nephrologist as a Medical Director. Our doctors have advanced training in treating end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and other kidney-related issues.

You will have the opportunity to meet with your nephrologists regularly in the dialysis center. During this visit, they will review your blood work, monitor your kidney function, and make real-time adjustments to your treatment, medications, or diet to ensure optimal treatment and health outcomes.

Administrative Personnel

You shouldn’t have to worry about complex billing, insurance claims, and financial coordination issues when undergoing regular kidney dialysis treatments.

Our dialysis care team includes several helpful and detail-oriented administrative personnel to help you navigate these issues with precision and care—so you can focus on maintaining your best physical, emotional, and social health.

Your Dialysis Team’s Commitment to Care

At Innovative Renal Care, your dialysis journey begins the moment you step into our reception area. We deliver the same level of personalized care at each of our 200+ clinic locations across the United States.

Our dialysis care team is ready to guide you each step of the way, ensuring you receive comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to your unique medical needs.

Informed patients are healthier and can more easily adjust to the restrictions associated with having a chronic disease.

Learn More About Treatment Options:

Home Hemodialysis

Very similar to in-center dialysis, but the patient, along with a care partner, are trained to perform the dialysis treatment at home.

Peritoneal dialysis (PD)

A needle-free approach that uses a patient’s abdomen as a filter and gives patients the freedom to perform the procedure at home or in other suitable locations. Our staff provide specialized training so you can perform PD.

Nocturnal dialysis

Nocturnal dialysis gives patients the option to have dialysis treatments at night. These treatments are done at the dialysis clinic, and many patients will sleep there overnight while being dialyzed.

“You’ll never find the quality of care that you get at an ARA facility anywhere else. The staff always have your best interest at heart and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and help however they can. The truth is, I consider them my extended family!” 

Mr. Randal Beatty, University Kidney Center Hikes Lane, Louisville, KY