Dialysis technicians are your health, comfort, and safety custodians before, during, and after dialysis treatments—and are an essential part of your care team at Innovative Renal Care and our associated American Renal Associates dialysis centers. They perform all essential functions for operating, maintaining, cleaning, and sterilizing our dialysis machines. This ensures our equipment is in perfect working order and keeps you safe during treatment.

Moreover, they support your social and emotional needs throughout your treatment sessions and provide vital medical information to your dialysis care team (e.g., nephrologist, nurse, social worker, registered dietitian, primary care provider, etc.)

Our dialysis techs understand the emotional toll dialysis can take, especially for patients new to dialysis. It’s our goal to help you feel safe, comfortable and genuinely cared for—beginning from the moment you enter our facility.

Doctor looking at medical records by dialysis machine

Dialysis Tech Responsibilities

Typical responsibilities of an Innovative Renal Care dialysis technician include:

  • Setting up and preparing dialysis machines and equipment for each patient.
  • Maintaining, cleaning, and sterilizing dialysis machines and equipment according to strict infection control protocols.
  • Monitoring dialysis machines, equipment, and patients during treatment.
  • Taking and recording vital signs (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate) before, during, and after treatment.
  • Addressing patient questions or concerns.
  • Providing patient education, resources, and materials.
  • Providing emotional support to patients when needed.
  • Maintaining accurate patient records

What Kind of Training Does a Dialysis Care Technician Receive?

Our dialysis technicians undergo intensive 12-18 month training to master dialysis operations, equipment, technologies, and patient care.

At Innovative Renal Care, our dialysis technicians hold the following certifications

Many of our dialysis technicians also have experience working as certified nurse assistants, certified nurse technicians, emergency medical technicians, or medical assistants.

How Our Technicians Are Different

Our dialysis technicians have an unwavering commitment to our patients’ physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Our technicians provide:

  • Lifesaving technical expertise.
  • Compassion to provide emotional support.
  • The knowledge to educate patients about their condition and dialysis treatment.

Like our nephrologists, nurses, and clinical staff, they understand that treating kidney disease is much more than dialysis.

We are committed to keeping you as healthy as possible so that you can enjoy an active, healthy life.

Informed patients are healthier and can more easily adjust to the restrictions associated with having a chronic disease.

Learn More About Treatment Options:

Home Hemodialysis

Very similar to in-center dialysis, but the patient, along with a care partner, are trained to perform the dialysis treatment at home.

Peritoneal dialysis (PD)

A needle-free approach that uses a patient’s abdomen as a filter and gives patients the freedom to perform the procedure at home or in other suitable locations. Our staff provide specialized training so you can perform PD.

Nocturnal dialysis

Nocturnal dialysis gives patients the option to have dialysis treatments at night. These treatments are done at the dialysis clinic, and many patients will sleep there overnight while being dialyzed.

“You’ll never find the quality of care that you get at an ARA facility anywhere else. The staff always have your best interest at heart and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and help however they can. The truth is, I consider them my extended family!” 

Mr. Randal Beatty, University Kidney Center Hikes Lane, Louisville, KY