If you’re interested in learning more about kidney disease, or if you’re looking for a support group, this is the place for you. Here are some resources to help you stay informed and connected.

Information About Your Kidneys and Dialysis

Learn more about how to live with kidney disease.

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Dialysis Patient Education

Find information, options and hope for life with kidney disease.

  • LifeOptions.org – Pre-dialysis patient education for individuals with chronic kidney disease (CKD)
  • KidneySchool.org – Self-management courses for CKD 4-5 and dialysis patients
  • Home Dialysis Central – All things home dialysis; content for patients and their care partners
  • My Life, My Dialysis Choice – Our free online treatment matcher to identify the best dialysis treatment for you!

Support and Patient Advocacy Groups

Connect with other patients, caregivers and loved ones to share individual experiences with dialysis and living with kidney disease.

Dialysis While Traveling

We assist patients scheduling their dialysis treatments when traveling, including locating the closest dialysis center to the final destination. If you’re planning a trip, speak with your clinic manager. If you’re curious to see where other dialysis clinics are located, you can use these resources.

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Industry Organizations and Publications

Learn more about what’s happening in the healthcare industry, including a specific look at the world of dialysis.

Kidney Transplant Resources

Some dialysis patients are fortunate enough to find a donor. Learn more about receiving a transplant.