We help fulfill unmet chronic kidney care needs with community-specific strategies and high-quality care.

We partner with health systems to provide comprehensive kidney care solutions, including dialysis, in a commitment to slowing the progression of kidney disease in their community.

We leverage collaborative partnerships and the latest technology, enabling health systems to identify patients with chronic kidney disease earlier than ever. We then create a community-specific, data-driven strategy to provide access to needed services. For end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, efforts focus on optimizing the full continuum of care, including home-based dialysis services, in-center hemodialysis and acute care services.

Health systems leverage our rich data analytics to make informed decisions that elevate patient care and outcomes. We are an agile extension of your team, expanding your organization’s capabilities to grow service lines, provide better care for the patients served by your health system.

Health systems benefit from a collaboratively developed multi-year plan that:

  • Builds a comprehensive kidney care model for your system
  • Expands your service offerings
  • Increases your participation in the overall patient experience and outcomes
  • Connects patients with the appropriate providers to manage comorbidities
  • Fulfills unmet chronic kidney disease needs in your community

Our Four-Step Approach

We use a four-step approach to help your organization provide better patient care and create new service line opportunities:



We combine insights from your organization’s key stakeholders with our expertise and care model to lay the foundation for a customized solution.



We identify and prioritize your most valuable near- and long-term opportunities.



You get a tailored multi-year playbook that maps out your custom strategy. We outline the required investments and help you bring chronic kidney disease services in-house. You’ll tap our experience and resources.



Time to deploy your playbook and build your kidney care service line through early patient identification, in-center dialysis services, acute care services and at-home dialysis care.

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