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Celebrating Hospital Week 2024

By May 9, 2024No Comments
Portrait Of Medical Team

Innovative Renal Care would like to join in celebrating hospitals around the country as we recognize Hospital Week 2024. Despite not being a desired destination for most, hospitals compassionately receive patients with open arms, providing healing, comfort, and safety in an effort to keep all of us healthy. Our hospitals are the heartbeat in our communities.

Did you know that over half the healthcare workers in the United States work in a hospital? Your hometown reflects the essence of the village it requires to keep our hospitals running smoothly.  From providers and nurses to pharmacists and therapists, to facilities and housekeeping, everyone that works in the hospital is essential to the health of the patient. Many of our care givers are in healthcare because it is their natural calling, something they have always loved, even from an early age. Some have joined healthcare as a second career, fulfilling an unmet desire to be in an environment of compassion and care, bringing forward unique talents and life experiences. Innovative Renal Care recruits locally and partners locally, ensuring that your healthcare team are your neighbors. These folks breathe life into every hospital.

Ensuring access to all who present for care is the cornerstone of any healing institution. Our hospitals fulfill this mission daily through acute inpatient care, community outreach, preventive care health classes and seminars, and blood drives that help neighbors through times of crisis, are examples. The hospital continues to be a central source of pride for communities. Innovative Renal Care partners with your local hospital, becoming an important source of care for patients diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Kidney Disease.

As challenges have placed strain on the ability of any hospital to meet growing demand, rural healthcare in particular has fought hard to overcome pain points. Recruitment and retention of staff notwithstanding, these hospitals are also more affected by rising costs and reduction in payments from insurances. Rural hospitals cast a wide net, serving patients far and wide, making them even more vitally important to support. Innovative Renal Care brings advanced technology to the rural community healthcare system, improving everyone’s health options.

Take a moment to celebrate how your hospital impacts your community this week. And remember their sacrifices and crucial contributions in delivering healthcare to your town or city throughout the year. Show support by starting a discussion in your civic group and with local leaders on how your community can further assist in driving growth, changing policy, eliciting excitement about healthcare careers, and ensuring the people that are there for us around-the-clock have what they need to serve.